Open Source Development India For Reliable And Cost-effective Solutions

Open source is rapidly evolving technology and benefiting millions of businesses around the globe, with better, flexible and free to use IT solutions. Whether it is a big enterprise or small enterprise, they all want IT solutions which help them to match up with current market trends. Open and free technological software solutions help all, in getting custom business products at most affordable prices. This technology has emerged as a boon for all those small and medium scale enterprises who can not afford proprietary business solutions. As proprietary solutions are not only costly to buy but also have high cost of maintenance and do not allow customization.

Open source development company India provide custom software and web solutions at most reasonable cost. Cost of open technology based products are always cost low because their development tools are available for free use. One can download such tools free from internet. License of such tools allows users to make use for any number times they want without paying any cost. Other than this the upgrades of such tools are also available for free of cost. What developers charge is only cost of development services which is very much affordable for everyone.

Open source development services India provides business solutions which are very reliable and secure to use and manage. They ensure that an identified threat gets fixed within a few hours of time, which can never be a possibility for proprietary software solutions. Possibility of emergence of bug or error is also minimum in their products, and if they appear they can be easily and quickly fixed, due to open nature of source code. A business organization using open source software product, retains full control over its ownership. This save owners from unreasonable price increase, forced upgrades and unacceptable license restrictions of proprietary products.

Open source technology company India offers top quality of custom solutions, which is not possible with licensed products. They provide possibility of high degree of customization with world class quality in products. Constant reviewing of source codes ensures that the software can be read and fixed easily. High quality products give high performance in desired way, for long run. While customization ensures development of products in such a way that it fulfills all need and requirements of clients. And help them achieve high profits and business growth.

Open source technology services India provides extreme flexibility in all products. Flexibility is one of most revered attributes of their development procedure, as end-users can carry out modifications by themselves or by a paid professionals.

Open source development India have brought the vast changes in e-business industry in India and abroad by helping in e-commerce development based on open source. E-commerce products developed by service provider company allow full control to their owner over all attributes. Be it any form of business, Open source technology India provides top quality business solutions to cater everyone's need.

Multi Fees Magento Extension Add Additional Services Fees And Service Groups

Multi Fees extension allows adding any number of additional services (fees) and service groups such as Gift Cards, Gift Wraps, Rush Delivery Service or whatever you could expect customer to be capable of selecting ahead of the order checkout. Fee cost could be added to both a flat rate as well as a percent of an order subtotal. Selected fees are set to the order total and after that visible to admin on the Order view page. You are also allowed to add the images to the fees in order that the customers can get the full ideas about the services being offered by you.


The each owner is aimed at making customers fully satiated when they visit their site. Customers have satisfaction when they are provided with qualified service, suitable price for the item, fast shipping, strikingly looking items bought by them, particularly if the product is offered like a gift.

In addition, the Multi Fees Magento Extension also allows admin to easily set up the above-mentioned features in the back-end. After getting logged into Magento Admin Panel, go to Sales - Multi Fees and develop groups of fees.

You are also allowed to choose input types for your fees: drop-down, checkbox, radio button. Moreover, you are able to attach an image and a logo to each fee, assign them separately to each store-view. You are also allowed to sort the fees order, translate into various languages if you've got a multi-language website, set default value for options, etc.

Apart from all these, there is also an option of assigning any fees to specific product types or product that makes possible viewing fees in the shopping cart only for required products.

In addition, it allows applying fees based on shipping and payment method. For example, you are able to include 3 percent to the total order price if a customer is making payment through PayPal. It makes possible the coverage commission of this payment system. So, be next to the requirements of your customers! Let them be happy with your services and products through Multi Fees Magento Extension!

SynapseIndia has got an expert team of Magento extension developers and Magento developers who do their best when it comes to quality Magento extension services and solutions.

What is Required to Start With a Business Intelligence For Organization

BI turns data into actionable information which support business in strategic decision making. Business Intelligence (BI) project assumes to be integrated with Data Warehouse (DWH) or other reporting solution like data repository or reporting from legacy systems. Therefore BI should be considered as DWH/BI project. So what is business intelligence, and how should your company get started with it? From the vendors' perspective, business intelligence means software and services that they can sell to you to help you get more information from your existing data. But from Business perspective, business intelligence is more than just software; it is a strategy with specific supporting management processes. Prior to implementing a business intelligence initiative, organizations need to have an understanding of the following five elements.

1) Understand the Need of Business Intelligence :-

It is important to have a fundamental understanding of business intelligence (BI) & how to adopt it to become useful for business. In short need to define the organization's BI Philosophy with their strategic goals & Translate Strategy into Action. The communication of strategic goals and data collection is critical to successful BI. The organization needs to have answer of the question: "What will accomplish with this initiative". Business units can cut significant costs while creating additional value through better coordination, integration, and quality of data and analytical functionality. Strategy for implementing BI projects can greatly upswing returns. Starting small (POC/section) is a good way to understand BI benefits.

2) Analyze Internal Requirements :-

It is critical that you carefully analyze your current business methods and practices to determine specific objectives for BI implementation. The user requirements drive decisions about the data to incorporate in the data warehouse, how to organize (dimension) the data and how often to refresh the data. "Garbage in, garbage out" requirement should be precisely defined to align with the business needs. BI analysts often focus on the technical questions associated with the analysis. However, a more business-oriented approach could yield better results.

3) Key Stakeholder Involvement :-

Top Management, Business User, Operations etc. is the key stakeholders. The sooner you involve them the better you know about your requirements. Most BI projects considered to be the internal project which should meet the company's internal requirements. However it should reflect the needs of customers and deal with external issues like market situation or customer's behavior. BI project is organization-wide project, it should involve members from each department especially from Marketing and Sales departments who appear to be the end-users of knowledge bound BI system. One should not consider internal requirements, but the market and customer requirements as well. Stakeholder involvement ensures full knowledge and understanding of the benefits, impacts and risks associated with BI Implementation. Effective stakeholder engagement is a key ingredient in the success of BI Implementation Project.

4) Key Data Accessibility for Analysis and Presentation :-

We know that an organization's data is a major asset, and we are well aware of the importance of data quality. Develop & implement a data strategy in such a way that it should not frustrate users. Formulate an overall data strategy by asking, "What data do we need to run/analyze/present. How long, integrating with sources, Level of Detail, data privacy and security etc. BI typically involves the analysis, presentation and delivery of information to Business users via accessing repositories where data is brought together from many different systems across the organization. Business intelligence software promises better decision making and insight into company data, but both are possible with unbridled access to the information stored in a database. If you want to increase competitiveness, need to improve access to data across all levels of the company.

5) Choose Right Technology Partner :-

The most important part is to make sure your BI initiative success is being evaluated and you have chosen the right Technology Partner. BI initiatives are vastly different from many past IT initiatives in which outside services have been retained. So it's important to consider proven capability, reputation and track record of success more than just cost and/or staff augmentation abilities, while evaluating a partner. The partner should be able to understand and align with your strategy, take a business-driven approach and support the execution of specific initiatives to meet your business vision. Business should understand what to be aware of and how to select the best software while sifting through the marketing buzz of BI trends. POC, is a formal initiative to prove the viability of the technology as well as partner capability to meet a business defined requirement. Be aware of technology lock-in and know the cost of "getting out".

.NET Development under ODC model

Today development of the product is a major concern where an ODC model or dedicated development is the best answer to meet the ever changing needs of the client. When client is looking for the long term work and looks for the cost effectiveness to gain the high ROI the ODC model is the best match for him.

With the up to date market and development centers the offshore dedicated development is exactly what is needed to save the infrastructure and resource overhead costs. The client can opt the vendor for a predefined time and have full access, control over the team.

The ODC engagement for the development is a need of the .net projects. Mostly when the projects involved are big and are evolving. In fact the ODC engagement model serves the purpose of the .net projects either its web desktop or any other advanced custom integrated solution.

With ODC model the client have the full free hand to opt for the strategy and the organization to choose.

Now business is looking for the IT companies to either increase revenue or in other words decrease their costs in order to substantiate their survival and .net development is the best suited for this task. Inorder to help align the objective of the organization with those of the business its really important that the firm choose the best technology to develop their applications. The technology at the same time should be reliable scalable secure as well as reduces the time needed to develop any quality product.

The .net development on a ODC engagement model will derive the best output when used as a strategy to benefit the best return on investment. Its all about what the firm expect and when the business choose to take a project they are worried about how long will it take to get the ROI, how long will the project take . The ODD model is the best answer for these concerns.

With dedicated development the software makers provide client the important deliverables that are needed just in time and helps firm to launch their product much earlier than the expected time frame. This not only helps firms to collate their investment back but also let them understand the existence of their product in the market. Consequently the aftereffects are the changes in the need and features, functionalities of the product. With the ODC model these kind of optimizations are not an issue and can be handled very easily. Before we understand that what are the real business value of .net applications we need to understand that what features are best suitable and match with the ODC model inorder to provide the firm the best out of anything. The reusability of the .net code in various applications is a great match for the ODC as the needs of optimization is more in dedicated development method. Its all about the benefits, payback time and anything that helps in reducing the operational cost of the firm. The companies are looking for a system that can either increase revenue or help them decrease their cost. However the time to develop the application is equally important as its also needed to look at the cost for the same cause if the cost of development is too high then the profit might not be the worth of the time and cost involved. The big question is that whether .net development can help the firm to be effective in terms of growth and success. The factors that help and add on to the firm effectiveness are as follows:

Scalability is a great advantage of the .net technology cause as the company grows the the need for the additional load and scale the application for upcoming demands are needed and if you are considering .net under ODC engagement then even a small company can grow quickly as it can often but the scalability need and even that can easily be handled. The maintainability of the application is also of great use under ODC engagement as in .net there is a little effort needed in maintenance of the application due to the configuration settings. Thus both cost and efforts are saved when considering a development of the application that too with a dedicated resource. The deployment of the application at ease helps the software makers to deliver the application to the firm and can easily be deployed even by the firm itself . Other helping factors like the reliability and being cross platform is a great advantage for both the software makers and the firm needs.

Just all the best practices like looking for a best IT consultant with good business model, their best personnel and their work with validation is all what needed under an ODC engagement of .net development environment.