Provide a Rich Media Experience with Windows 8

Microsoft designed Windows 8 to enable its users to engage in a variety of rich multimedia activities. Offering Microsoft Development experts to engage with these capabilities through an extensible media platform was also one of their goals. As compared to other versions, Microsoft has remarkably improved its media experience in Windows 8. Right from the codec support to UI of the media players, they have designed this media experience to:

Simplify Development:

Maximize Performance:

With Windows 8 media platform, those involved in Microsoft development can deliver a fluid and responsive media experience along with great battery life. Microsoft claims that it has engineered Windows to provide a great user experience. As media applications continue to evolve further at a rapid pace, the media platform that Windows 8 offers will enable these experiences to stand out across all Windows 8 PCs. Some of the key features of Windows 8 with regards to media application development are:

Multiple Media Scenarios Support

Features like seamless connection to external media devices, support for modern video formats and low-latency communication streams forms an integral aspect of this platform. Performance is important as are the features of Windows 8 that are enhanced because of the performance.

Low Latency

Windows 8 is designed to support both playback-optimized and communication-optimized scenarios. This helps drastically reduce or even avoid end-to-end delay that is caused as a result of buffering. The media infrastructure switches between a playback mode (high buffering, more tolerant of varying conditions) and a communications-optimized mode (low delay) to achieve this.

Extended Battery Life

One of the most important features that the Windows 8 platform offers is extended battery life (reduced power consumption) during audio playback. The audio playback pipeline has been drastically improved by batching up large chunks of audio data and processing that chunk at one time. This increases efficiency during steady-state playback. The CPU can stay off for over 100 times longer (over 1 second vs. 10ms), which in turn results in increased battery life during audio playback.

Seamless Playback of Premium Content

Enabling seamless playback of high definition, premium video content is another important feature that Windows 8 offers. Unlike any other video content, premium video content requires two substantial platform features in order to deliver the best experience. These include adaptive bitrate streaming and content protection. Both these aspects are offered by Windows 8.

There are a host of other important features other than the ones mentioned above that make Windows 8 the most desirable platform for Microsoft development enthusiasts. The internal software structure improvements in Windows 8 will make it simple to use and share media across devices.

Why Bespoke Software Development can Give Businesses a Competitive Edge

When companies and organisations need software programmes or applications they can make the choice between off the shelf software and custom made software that has been designed and built for them by developers. Although more expensive to purchase, bespoke development can actually give businesses a competitive edge because it makes running a company easier. Bespoke applications and programmes are customised to specific business requirements, so it boosts efficiency throughout the organisation and can help to remedy those problem and restrictions that off the shelf software often provides.

When you hire developers to build your company's application or programme you are basically asking them to create software for you that works the way that your company works. Instead of having to adapt your company to a restrictive application you can instead enjoy the efficiency and adaptability of a completely tailor made application or programme. This has all sorts of benefits for your company such as saving financial costs that would otherwise be needed to bring all your employees up to speed with standard programmes and applications. Essentially any programme or application created as a result of bespoke development will completely adapt to your company's working practices, resulting in productivity and profitability through reduced errors and less supervision/software training.

Speaking of profitability, with bespoke your business will benefit from a significant reduction in software overheads, despite the initial higher cost of bespoke software. Although you will be investing a larger sum at the outset in your custom made programmes or applications, in the long run you will save a significant amount of money particularly if your software will be utilised enterprise-wide by a number of employees or associates. With software that has been created for you, you are free to distribute the programme or application to as many users or devices in your organisation without needing to pay any extra charges or costs. The licence to distribute and authorise the software is basically yours, the cost of that is integrated into the bespoke development process. If, on the other hand, you were to choose off the shelf software you would have to pay additional licensing costs for every new user that you wanted to add to the software or every device that you wanted to run the software on. If you run a larger company or business these costs can significantly mount up year after year, and will most likely overtake the cost of bespoke development in the process.

Because customised and bespoke software is flexible and adaptable, it can actually perform a number of business tasks and functions without the need for separate individual programmes. If, for example, you wanted to streamline certain corporate functions of your company such as HR and Accounts management, you could ask a developer to create a single programme for you that would manage each aspect of these vital functions. It can also be customised to fit in with any other programmes that your company depends upon, potentially giving your organisation a fully integrated and efficient IT infrastructure that you can deploy across your company. Bespoke software is also a lot more intuitive and easier to use than off the shelf software, making it easier for your IT staff to manage it and keep it in good working order.

All in all, having a bespoke programme or application created for your company will potentially providing numerous commercial and business benefits, enabling you to gain a much more significant competitive advantage and can even help you become industry leaders.

Huge Gains When Outsourcing to an Indian Asp Dot Net Development Company

is a Web function framework build up and promoted by Microsoft to let programmers construct active Web sites, Web functions and Web tune-ups. It was first out in January 2002 with edition 1.0 of the .NET frame, and is the heir to ASP (Active Server Pages) technology of Microsoft. Common Language Runtime is the general language on which is created. This language is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR), which lets write ASP code by means of any supported .NET language.

In reality Microsoft initiated development of to the world only a few couple of years ago. This programing language has large en suite traits, unbelievable level of performance and Visual Studio the best Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) around. This was a exceptional blend for which the majority of the software developers all over the world had been waiting for. No doubt it achieved immediate fame.

Advantages of

Development of software with this programing language is easy or tricky Development Company in india can provide you the best. The major benefits of developing software on are:

It can hold up over 40 diverse software development languages. This helps the developer to utilize the software language of his/her option. on the other hand the most favored languages utilized by software developers are C# and VB.

Apart from this this language defeats the restriction of its ancestor ASP. in. In this language the server need not or even does not re-read the code and understand to show the results. The processing is done only once since the results of the search get automatically saved on the server.

Why should you subcontract Your IT ventures to India Several Development Company in India has a lot of years of understanding in managing different outsourced IT Projects. These tasks consist of custom-made subcontract web development and tailored software development. These companies can handle all kinds of projects coming within the purview of this language irrecpective of its complexity or size.

India has nowadays become the most favored outsourcing location due to its global proficiency in different areas of software development especially outsourcing projects. Since India can provide high quality services but at lesser costs it is the world's software development hub. Thus outsourcing your IT needs to an Indian company will provide you with major benefits as you can be assured about the quality of the service provided.

Outsourcing to Indian expert IT companies who are much apprehensive with the superiority and service offered by them will be of assistance to you in focussing on the other quarters of work so that you can derieve highest gain to your company. At the same time when you outsource your IT needs to an Indian company then you get lucrative and quality services, decreased working costs, larger flexibility, delivery on time, speedy communication, 24 hours assistance, so that you get additional time to concentrate on your core competencies. India is exactly advanced evaluated to other nations across the world rendering outsourcing solutions.

How To Select An iPhone App Development Company

iPhone is an amazing creature of the mobile world. It has lots of features and functionality that really contribute in the business and other spheres of the life. The most attractive feature of iPhone is that it allows third party application development which in turn increase its functionality and features. There are plenty of various applications available in the App store but they may not suited with your business needs and don't match with the branding of the company. In such cases you need to develop iPhone apps specific to your business needs.

For bespoke iPhone app development you need to hire an iPhone app development company. There are plenty of iPhone app development companies working in the market but all are not suitable for your bespoke iPhone app development. You cannot trust on any company in the market as iPhone development is not a child play but it needs particular attention and care while selecting an iPhone app development company. The first and foremost thing you are to consider while selecting an iPhone developers or a company and that is skill as iPhone app development need skills in Objective C, C++, Cocoa Touch and x-code. If your developers are not proficient in the above described languages and tools they cannot justify your iPhone app development.

So when you are going to select the iPhone app development company you should check the CVs of their developers whether they possess such skills or not. Communication is vital in any business. It is particularly important in offshore development. Check whether your developers are fluent in international English and they use all possible communication devices such as e-mails, instant messengers, live chats on their website or international calling system.

Apart from communication good project management leads to the successfully completion of the project so check your iPhone app development company provide good project management by allocating a project manager for your project who acts as a contact point for you and provide regular reports and updates to the clients like you. Many reputed companies give direct access to their project management software so it enables you to directly allocate the work or tasks to your developers and can trace their work regularly.

Infrastructural facilities of an offshore company is a basic thing so check whether your company has latest hardware and genuine licensed software and latest gizmos as well to run the tests of the applications.

If everything fits on your criteria then select the company for your iPhone app development project.

Mobile Website Development Along With Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

If you want to transfer money from one account to another or even check the latest soccer scores between Bayern Munich and Liverpool, you just have to log on to the mobile website of the same or type in a keyword in the search engine. With the increasing conversion rate of mobile websites, this is becoming easier. The features offered with the latest .NET Framework development platform have made mobile website development quite easier. One can leverage MS Visual Studio 2010 and MVC's powerful features to create small and effective mobile websites.

Mobile websites depend on the implementation choices that a client makes. Many of the popular smartphones are actually capable of displaying sites as they are displayed in the PC. Such sites usually have standard-compliant markup and the absence of any advanced functionality works in their favor.

Some sites fall short in some areas especially if there are some options which cannot be viewed through the mobile. One can close down those gaps by using mobile style sheets within the site. Mobile style sheets are CSS that can be used to send to all clients but applicable to mobile devices only. This approach is used by many and the developers choose to forget that the site needs to be viewed on mobile during development. They suppose that both standard web browsers along with mobile devices will be able to use content which is being published online. But it does not work well for some mobile browsers which doesn't have CSS support at all and might have to face several issues while viewing the page.

One can create multiple sites or a sub-site wherein one hosts multiple autonomous sites. This is one way of having mobile specific sites. Although the additional overhead is too much, there are some benefits as the webmaster gains the ability to focus the efforts on delivering the best features for every version specific to the audience and without compromises.

The same website can be used to deliver the results and changes are made dynamically, depending on the mobile platform and the device. Here the same code base and content is used for all site visitors. The website will detect mobile browsers and then adjust its display based on the markup that it renders. This approach is the most difficult of them all but the experience is mostly satisfactory for all types of users.

Both mobile and desktop browser requests have lately come up in hordes and have also caused many development teams to compromise on quality thus losing out on the futuristic benefits in the process. The tools offered in Visual Studio 2010 and MVC development can help in creating code base that can serve both desktop and mobile website users with optimum quality.

5 Places to Explore Awesome Premium Joomla Templates

Here, there and everywhere- this is how things are currently with Joomla templates. If you surf through the World Wide Web, you will get such abundance of Joomla template that you cannot help but get spoilt for choice. Several online hubs and stores list thousands of premium Joomla templates for you to select from. With so many stores doing just the same job, deciding upon whether to hire a Joomla Developer or select a single favorite store, can be quite challenging. Let's simplify it for you. This post comprehensively discusses top 10 places on the World Wide Web, where you can look for amazing premium Joomla templates. So rather than going wayward looking for enticing Joomla templates, check out these hot spots:

Joomla Bamboo: If you are from the business sector and looking for elegant templates minus the frills, then Joomla Bamboo is the place to explore! Joomla Bamboo extends a range of over 40 elegantly designed Joomla templates that come with corresponding extensions that are equally functional. To access all displayed templates, you need to avail membership on the website. You get 5 engaging membership plans to choose from.

Rocket Theme: This is one of the pioneering websites that offers host of premium Joomla templates. These templates come with complementing add-ons, a 24 hour operational community forum and support services. What more? Well, this one is a favorite with the Joomla community.

YooTheme: YooTheme- one stop destination if you are looking for powerful feature-packed premium themes. And when we say "feature-packed" we are honestly referring to a theme that is all inclusive of features like plugins, graphic source files and modules. There are 3 membership types available at YooTheme, you can choose the one that suits your individual needs.

TemplatePlazza: If you have been thinking of going social with your Joomla templates, then TemplatePlazza can be your dream destination. Here, they offer highly creative Joomla templates that are specifically designed for social media based websites. You also get a number of add-ons such as JomSocial. With reasonable membership plans to choose from, this template store is a must explore.

Joomagic: With sleek and modern design, Joomagic templates are high on both style and features. These templates are packed with high-end features that you will love to have on your Joomla website. You, however, must be a member of the site to avail the benefits of these premium templates. You can chose from the several club options available at Joomagic.

Of all the places on the web, you can choose the one that suits your taste and requisites the most. You also have the option of getting a custom Joomla template developed. You can hire experienced Joomla developer for the same. As you Hire Joomla Developers, make sure that you do a thorough background check to ensure that your Joomla development project is in the right hands. You can review the testimonials of prior client or review over the internet. You must also look into the portfolio of the developer to ensure that you are getting nothing less than high quality Joomla templates.

Open Source Development India For Reliable And Cost-effective Solutions

Open source is rapidly evolving technology and benefiting millions of businesses around the globe, with better, flexible and free to use IT solutions. Whether it is a big enterprise or small enterprise, they all want IT solutions which help them to match up with current market trends. Open and free technological software solutions help all, in getting custom business products at most affordable prices. This technology has emerged as a boon for all those small and medium scale enterprises who can not afford proprietary business solutions. As proprietary solutions are not only costly to buy but also have high cost of maintenance and do not allow customization.

Open source development company India provide custom software and web solutions at most reasonable cost. Cost of open technology based products are always cost low because their development tools are available for free use. One can download such tools free from internet. License of such tools allows users to make use for any number times they want without paying any cost. Other than this the upgrades of such tools are also available for free of cost. What developers charge is only cost of development services which is very much affordable for everyone.

Open source development services India provides business solutions which are very reliable and secure to use and manage. They ensure that an identified threat gets fixed within a few hours of time, which can never be a possibility for proprietary software solutions. Possibility of emergence of bug or error is also minimum in their products, and if they appear they can be easily and quickly fixed, due to open nature of source code. A business organization using open source software product, retains full control over its ownership. This save owners from unreasonable price increase, forced upgrades and unacceptable license restrictions of proprietary products.

Open source technology company India offers top quality of custom solutions, which is not possible with licensed products. They provide possibility of high degree of customization with world class quality in products. Constant reviewing of source codes ensures that the software can be read and fixed easily. High quality products give high performance in desired way, for long run. While customization ensures development of products in such a way that it fulfills all need and requirements of clients. And help them achieve high profits and business growth.

Open source technology services India provides extreme flexibility in all products. Flexibility is one of most revered attributes of their development procedure, as end-users can carry out modifications by themselves or by a paid professionals.

Open source development India have brought the vast changes in e-business industry in India and abroad by helping in e-commerce development based on open source. E-commerce products developed by service provider company allow full control to their owner over all attributes. Be it any form of business, Open source technology India provides top quality business solutions to cater everyone's need.

.NET Development under ODC model

Today development of the product is a major concern where an ODC model or dedicated development is the best answer to meet the ever changing needs of the client. When client is looking for the long term work and looks for the cost effectiveness to gain the high ROI the ODC model is the best match for him.

With the up to date market and development centers the offshore dedicated development is exactly what is needed to save the infrastructure and resource overhead costs. The client can opt the vendor for a predefined time and have full access, control over the team.

The ODC engagement for the development is a need of the .net projects. Mostly when the projects involved are big and are evolving. In fact the ODC engagement model serves the purpose of the .net projects either its web desktop or any other advanced custom integrated solution.

With ODC model the client have the full free hand to opt for the strategy and the organization to choose.

Now business is looking for the IT companies to either increase revenue or in other words decrease their costs in order to substantiate their survival and .net development is the best suited for this task. Inorder to help align the objective of the organization with those of the business its really important that the firm choose the best technology to develop their applications. The technology at the same time should be reliable scalable secure as well as reduces the time needed to develop any quality product.

The .net development on a ODC engagement model will derive the best output when used as a strategy to benefit the best return on investment. Its all about what the firm expect and when the business choose to take a project they are worried about how long will it take to get the ROI, how long will the project take . The ODD model is the best answer for these concerns.

With dedicated development the software makers provide client the important deliverables that are needed just in time and helps firm to launch their product much earlier than the expected time frame. This not only helps firms to collate their investment back but also let them understand the existence of their product in the market. Consequently the aftereffects are the changes in the need and features, functionalities of the product. With the ODC model these kind of optimizations are not an issue and can be handled very easily. Before we understand that what are the real business value of .net applications we need to understand that what features are best suitable and match with the ODC model inorder to provide the firm the best out of anything. The reusability of the .net code in various applications is a great match for the ODC as the needs of optimization is more in dedicated development method. Its all about the benefits, payback time and anything that helps in reducing the operational cost of the firm. The companies are looking for a system that can either increase revenue or help them decrease their cost. However the time to develop the application is equally important as its also needed to look at the cost for the same cause if the cost of development is too high then the profit might not be the worth of the time and cost involved. The big question is that whether .net development can help the firm to be effective in terms of growth and success. The factors that help and add on to the firm effectiveness are as follows:

Scalability is a great advantage of the .net technology cause as the company grows the the need for the additional load and scale the application for upcoming demands are needed and if you are considering .net under ODC engagement then even a small company can grow quickly as it can often but the scalability need and even that can easily be handled. The maintainability of the application is also of great use under ODC engagement as in .net there is a little effort needed in maintenance of the application due to the configuration settings. Thus both cost and efforts are saved when considering a development of the application that too with a dedicated resource. The deployment of the application at ease helps the software makers to deliver the application to the firm and can easily be deployed even by the firm itself . Other helping factors like the reliability and being cross platform is a great advantage for both the software makers and the firm needs.

Just all the best practices like looking for a best IT consultant with good business model, their best personnel and their work with validation is all what needed under an ODC engagement of .net development environment.