Effective Method to Add Facebook Like Tab to Your Website

Integrating Facebook "Like" button to your personal website is the best way to promote your visitors to diffuse word about you through social network. Once the visitor hit the Like button on your website, it will be posted to their friends' wall regarding your website.

Basic Information:

If you are running your website using third party software such as Joomla or WordPress then the best way to integrate Facebook "Like" button is installing extension from the official website or repositories. There are many extensions that offer same functions, so it is completely up to you which one you choose as per your requirements and best suited one. You can easily identify the best one which is easily installed on your website without any extra modification.

It is very easy and painless to add Facebook "Like" button directly on your website without putting much effort and let's see who liked and shared your webpage. If you have streamlined your website then here is the way to add "Like" button:

In fact, there are two versions of code available produced by the generator such as iframe version and XFBML version. The XFBML requires you to install Facebook JavaScript SDK on your website before installing this version. Therefore, you can use "iframe" version until you install the javascript kit on your website.

It is really interesting to add "Like" button to your website and spread out the popularity of your website through social networking websites. Now, you can easily track down that how many people have clicked on "Like" button on your website. In simple words, you can check how many people liked your webpage. However, you can assign this task to the Facebook to perform on your behalf.

You just need to go to and tap on the green button named "insights for your websites". Facebook will give you HTML link which you need to add to the root page of your website. Here root page refers to the basic or main page of your website.

Once you have placed in the required destination, Facebook will recognize that you own that particular website. Now, you will be accessed to compile vital details incorporated with your domain regarding likes and shares of the pages of your website. You can get more details about your website such as basic demographics of the people.

Develop an Understanding About The Penny Auction Script

At present, we are living in an age where all types of value as are changing very fast and that is why various aspects of standard of life are also changing very fast. The increasing activities of money making have created lots of troubles for the people these days and that is why the market is also changing its form and attributes. As people do not get enough time to visit the shops or markets to buy their supply so this has been met by the fast appearance of the online shopping sites and auction sites where people can visit with the help of the dedicated websites and shop online.

Most of the auction sites that you can find these days are known for their best customized support not only for the people who participate in the available auctions but also to the administrators of the auctions sites. This large amount of tasks and formalities are met with the help of dedicated auction scripts among which the Penny Auction Script is the most trusted one. The auction script is highly versatile and it is extremely helpful for talking care of the whole procedure of auctions.

The penny auction script software is responsible for the following tasks without which the entire procedure of auctions can appear as a fare only:

??? The Penny auction script maintains detailed status of the bidders from all over the world. The importance of this task of Penny Auction Script can be understood easily by the fact that the administrators of the site can get the clear cut picture of the status of the bidders as and when they need.

??? The Penny Auction script prepares huge amount or reports on various aspects for the easier handling of the entire proceedings of auction in which hundreds of bidders participate. These reports are generated on daily basis, weekly basis, and monthly basis. The possibility of any mistake is nearly negligible as the reports are in perfect accordance with each other.

??? The Penny Auction Script software allows the administrators to modify the existing lists of bids. They can add products, delete products, update the status of the products and also update their bid prices at any stage of auction. It is a very important task of the auctions sites as the entire performance of the site depends upon it to a great extent.

??? The Penny Auction Software reminds the administrators of the auction site to get the updated payment status of the bidders. They come to know about the status of payments made by the bidders and make them pay the balance amount if the reports show any dues against their names. The administrators reserve the right of adding or deleting the name of bidders depending upon their performance on their websites.

??? The Penny Auction Script software also makes the bidding policies for the sites which are certainly meant for the benefits of the site owners and administrators. These functions of the Auction script are revealed and accepted by the reviews of the people who know and understand the various aspects of penny auction script software.

Overview on Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

The competition between smartphone mobile platforms and operating systems is increasing day by day. Almost every individual would like to carry a smartphone these days. The amount of smartphone users in the market is abundant. However, every individual has his / her own preferences when it comes to smartphone mobile devices, platforms as well as operating systems. Statistics states that the numbers of iPhone and Android users around the world are almost same, and the numbers of Windows Phone 7 users are also increasing. In such tight competitive situation for a business unit opting for a solution via mobile app development it becomes difficult to concentrate only on one particular mobile platform.

Furthermore, this affects more to a business unit who is seeking to gain major amount of customers via a dedicated iPhone app or an android app because the chances are that a dedicated app for one particular mobile platform may led to a situation where in the business is unable to reach its half of the customers. Having a dedicated app for all the platforms is indeed a good option but it proves to be expensive and time consuming as one has two develop separate app for separate platform.

This is one of the most important reason that when it comes to solution via mobile app development (let it be iPad / iPhone app development, Android app development or Windows Phone 7 app development) most of the businesses prefer for a solution with an app that can work impeccably on every mobile platform. They are searching for a cross platform compatible solution.

Solutions via cross platform mobile application development proves to be the perfect way to accost these need of today's businesses by delivering them a solution with a universal as well as a native app, which can perform equally smooth and well on all mobile platforms and operating systems.

About Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

For every app developed for a particular mobile platform (iPhone, Android, etc.) there is a dedicated software development kit (also known as SDK). For instance, for the development of iPhone app there is a requirement of iOS SDK, which contains scripting and software languages such as Objective C, Cocoa, X-code, etc. The same thing applies when it comes to Android app development, Windows Phone 7 app development or BlackBerry app development.

However, now with emerging new technologies there are many new SDK's available in the market that can provide solutions for all mobile operating systems and platforms, which can work flawlessly on all of them. SDK's such as PhoneGap, MoSync, Rhomobile, Sencha, etc. are few of them. These SDK's are designed in such a way that they can provide a universal for all the mobile platforms at the same time. Contrary to the regular SDK's for the particular mobile platforms, cross platform mobile development SDK's contains languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Overall, solution via cross platform mobile development is a single SDK that offers app solution for all mobile platforms, operating systems and devices. It ultimately saves a huge amount of time and money as there is no need to carry a separate development process for separate platform.

Multi Fees Magento Extension Add Additional Services Fees And Service Groups

Multi Fees extension allows adding any number of additional services (fees) and service groups such as Gift Cards, Gift Wraps, Rush Delivery Service or whatever you could expect customer to be capable of selecting ahead of the order checkout. Fee cost could be added to both a flat rate as well as a percent of an order subtotal. Selected fees are set to the order total and after that visible to admin on the Order view page. You are also allowed to add the images to the fees in order that the customers can get the full ideas about the services being offered by you.


The each owner is aimed at making customers fully satiated when they visit their site. Customers have satisfaction when they are provided with qualified service, suitable price for the item, fast shipping, strikingly looking items bought by them, particularly if the product is offered like a gift.

In addition, the Multi Fees Magento Extension also allows admin to easily set up the above-mentioned features in the back-end. After getting logged into Magento Admin Panel, go to Sales - Multi Fees and develop groups of fees.

You are also allowed to choose input types for your fees: drop-down, checkbox, radio button. Moreover, you are able to attach an image and a logo to each fee, assign them separately to each store-view. You are also allowed to sort the fees order, translate into various languages if you've got a multi-language website, set default value for options, etc.

Apart from all these, there is also an option of assigning any fees to specific product types or product that makes possible viewing fees in the shopping cart only for required products.

In addition, it allows applying fees based on shipping and payment method. For example, you are able to include 3 percent to the total order price if a customer is making payment through PayPal. It makes possible the coverage commission of this payment system. So, be next to the requirements of your customers! Let them be happy with your services and products through Multi Fees Magento Extension!

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