.NET Development under ODC model

Today development of the product is a major concern where an ODC model or dedicated development is the best answer to meet the ever changing needs of the client. When client is looking for the long term work and looks for the cost effectiveness to gain the high ROI the ODC model is the best match for him.

With the up to date market and development centers the offshore dedicated development is exactly what is needed to save the infrastructure and resource overhead costs. The client can opt the vendor for a predefined time and have full access, control over the team.

The ODC engagement for the development is a need of the .net projects. Mostly when the projects involved are big and are evolving. In fact the ODC engagement model serves the purpose of the .net projects either its web desktop or any other advanced custom integrated solution.

With ODC model the client have the full free hand to opt for the strategy and the organization to choose.

Now business is looking for the IT companies to either increase revenue or in other words decrease their costs in order to substantiate their survival and .net development is the best suited for this task. Inorder to help align the objective of the organization with those of the business its really important that the firm choose the best technology to develop their applications. The technology at the same time should be reliable scalable secure as well as reduces the time needed to develop any quality product.

The .net development on a ODC engagement model will derive the best output when used as a strategy to benefit the best return on investment. Its all about what the firm expect and when the business choose to take a project they are worried about how long will it take to get the ROI, how long will the project take . The ODD model is the best answer for these concerns.

With dedicated development the software makers provide client the important deliverables that are needed just in time and helps firm to launch their product much earlier than the expected time frame. This not only helps firms to collate their investment back but also let them understand the existence of their product in the market. Consequently the aftereffects are the changes in the need and features, functionalities of the product. With the ODC model these kind of optimizations are not an issue and can be handled very easily. Before we understand that what are the real business value of .net applications we need to understand that what features are best suitable and match with the ODC model inorder to provide the firm the best out of anything. The reusability of the .net code in various applications is a great match for the ODC as the needs of optimization is more in dedicated development method. Its all about the benefits, payback time and anything that helps in reducing the operational cost of the firm. The companies are looking for a system that can either increase revenue or help them decrease their cost. However the time to develop the application is equally important as its also needed to look at the cost for the same cause if the cost of development is too high then the profit might not be the worth of the time and cost involved. The big question is that whether .net development can help the firm to be effective in terms of growth and success. The factors that help and add on to the firm effectiveness are as follows:

Scalability is a great advantage of the .net technology cause as the company grows the the need for the additional load and scale the application for upcoming demands are needed and if you are considering .net under ODC engagement then even a small company can grow quickly as it can often but the scalability need and even that can easily be handled. The maintainability of the application is also of great use under ODC engagement as in .net there is a little effort needed in maintenance of the application due to the configuration settings. Thus both cost and efforts are saved when considering a development of the application that too with a dedicated resource. The deployment of the application at ease helps the software makers to deliver the application to the firm and can easily be deployed even by the firm itself . Other helping factors like the reliability and being cross platform is a great advantage for both the software makers and the firm needs.

Just all the best practices like looking for a best IT consultant with good business model, their best personnel and their work with validation is all what needed under an ODC engagement of .net development environment.