Market Observes Sharp Increase in Numbers of Android Application Developers

Recent statistics on the tech media sites showing some phenomenal increase in the numbers of Android application developers to meet the ever-increasing requirements of the Android market places to supply high quality paid applications for various categories of clients and businesses by and large.

Recent trends on freelance job sites also confirm these statistics further and show some more insight about the trends and reasons behind them. So let’s dig deeper in this phenomena.

The first thing is the advancements in the Android OS. Google has committed to augment the Jelly Bean brand by releasing series of updates without giving another names them and stick to the same with more iterations and increase in the features as well as functionality in the latest OS. No doubt, Apple has made die hard efforts to keep its grip on the market by introducing iOS 7, but it is not working in this post Steve Job era.

Android 4.2.3 on onwards updates has everything that latest iOSes have even some more than that. Therefore, Android platform has technical superiority to boost the morale of developers as well as Android application development companies, which are keeping eyes on the vast audience of the Android OS users throughout the world.

Apart from these, Google and Samsung have made some extraordinary attempts to beat their rivals on hardware fronts by creating superb smartphones and tablets in wide range to beat the device compatibility problems for the advance Android OS in sense of features and functionality. This way they have grabbed some good chunk of quality and affluent audience from the iOS platform and offer promising future for the Android application development companies.

Third and most important factor that encouraging Android app developers to take interest on the Android app development is the interest of Google to give good shape to the Google Play by improving developer as well as customer friendly polices to cleaning spamming apps as well as forcing other malicious developers to quite is highly welcoming activity. These series of steps have boosted the development of paid apps, which are only available for the iOS users until yesterday.

I don’t want to repeat some well-known positive aspects of Android application development like benefits of open source in sense of low investment at customer side while good opportunities to show the creativity of the developers by obtaining source code and gathering help from the like minded developers from the huge Android programmer community. Of course, many developers hate the proprietary platform for many reasons and plenty customers for financial and other reasons where they feel freedom from vendors and their victimization techniques.

The cumulative effects of the multiple factors described above is pushing Android platform further to be prove a viable alternative for smartphone and tablet users of proprietary platforms. Recent endeavors of Google to bring some innovative and unique on the table by creating Google glass also boosting the Android technologies further since Android developers can use existing tools and technologies to create some out-of-box products for Google glass until Google develop a separate SDK for it.